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Friday the 13th Tattoos!

It’s almost our favorite unofficial holiday: Friday the 13th! We have HUNDREDS of designs for you to choose from, all for $13 + $7 tip. This time, we’re going to do something a little different. Stay tuned to our facebook and instagram for contest details on how you can skip the line on Friday the 13th! [playlist type="video" ids="2707"]


Website update

We updated our website! We added a new section called “styles,” in which you can see the different styles of tattooing that are popular right now. Not only can you see what each style entails, you can also see which artists here at Black Rose are able to do them best. We want to make your tattoo experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Find the style section in the top menu!

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Black Rose Artist: Jimmy Tomes

Check out these amazing cover-ups done recently by Jimmy! Unhappy with your current tattoo? We can touch it up, add to it, or cover it up – your choice! Come see Jimmy today at Black Rose Tattoo Shop.

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In honor of Comic-Con

Comic-Con may be over but we’re keeping the spirit alive. Gil Machado has done it again with this amazing Atrocitus tattoo. It looks exactly like the reference photo the customer brought in!