Aaron Thomas


Growing up in a family dedicated to art definitely helped me shape who I have become. My grandfather worked for Warner Brothers and I was surrounded by animation and art. He is definitely a factor of why I am so driven as an artist today. Drawing and painting was something that came natural to me so I wanted to expand upon that and put it to skin. I started my apprenticeship at 18 years old in North Carolina and immediately fell in love with the trade. I spent that past 5 years living and working in Charlotte NC shaping my artwork into something I love. I will tattoo anything from realism to watercolor but my preferred style lately is geometric. I always love a good challenge!

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Aaron specializes in Geometrical, realism, watercolor
Contact Aaron for more info at aaronthomas991@gmail.com
on Instagram @aaronthomastattoo or by calling (980) 636-7787