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New Artist – Vanessa Gao

Vanessa Gao has joined the Black Rose team! Vanessa is a versatile artist who can tattoo many styles but is a master of cute tattoos. Give her a follow on instagram to see more of her work @vanessagaotattoo

In honor of Comic-Con

Comic-Con may be over but we're keeping the spirit alive. Gil Machado has done it again with this amazing Atrocitus tattoo. It looks exactly like the reference photo the customer brought in!

Tattoo Mania

Tattoo Mania is almost here! Friday May 29, Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. The first 500 people to get there on Friday get in for FREE! We'll have some sweet bumpers tickers and our new shirt design, as well as some of your favorite artists. Make sure to stop by and say hi! The lineup is: Friday Gilbert Machado Jesse Hernandez - Guest Artist...