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Tattoo Parlors in Cooper City Florida
When choosing a tattoo parlor, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Is this an environment I feel welcomed in? Are these artists people who listen to what I want? Is it clean? At Black Rose Tattoo Shop we require the utmost excellence from our artists. The health and safety of our clients takes priority, while delivering a piece that you will absolutely love is our requirement. Our artists are professionals in the industry, who want more than anything to give you art that you are proud of. We take every measure to ensure your satisfaction and provide the best service for any tattoo you may desire. We are proud to serve the Cooper City, Florida area. Our tattoo parlour is a place you’ll want to be!

Tattoo Cover ups In Cooper City Florida
Life is always changing, as are you. And we know a tattoo is forever, but sometimes skin can change. Sometimes meanings change too. If your tattoo needs repair, if its stretched or faded or the ink has bled, you might want to create something new. Whether it’s a touch up or a brand-new tattoo, we’ve got the tools to refresh your look. Our artists are cover up connoisseur’s that can walk you through the process of color blending and construction to give you a product you love with none of the old or regrettable peeping through. Nothing can take away the shine of our professional cover up tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
Tribal tattoos are a fascinating design that is deeply rooted in our past. Dating back thousands of years, tribal tattoos are a way to express culture, history and art. They are a very popular design that can bring a sense of belonging to the wearer. Many different races and cultures took part in these symbolic tattoos, and our artists are continuing to keep this tradition alive. Ask our artists about tribal tattoos during consultation, and they will give you a piece to cherish forever.

Watercolor Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
Watercolor tattooing is a special skill that involves creating a permanent form of a liquidous medium. Watercolor tattoos are based on creating lines and forms that mimic painting styles. This is a tremendous task to take on, due to its fluid and whimsical form. These tattoos counter the normal outline style of traditional tattoos, which rely heavily on black ink and linework. Our artists are trained in all types of tattooing, and even though this is a newer form of tattoo, they will take on your vision to create a tattoo you’ll love.

American Traditional Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
Old school traditional tattoos utilize the historical form of tattooing to preserve that history and aesthetic appeal. These tattoos have heavy linework with bold black outlines to make the represented image stand out. They have a limited color palate, true to the past, that rely heavily on reds, greens, yellows and black. This ink has never gone out of style and is a stable for American history. American traditional tattoo work gives thanks to our alternative ancestors for creating a timeless style that still looks amazing today.

New School Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
New School tattoos are a twist on an old style. They utilize the same principles of Old School, heavy outlines and vivid colors, but they open up the palate to a larger range of colors and exaggerated symbols. New school tattoos are brightly colored statement pieces that take on a life of their own. They’re a perfect positive experience for anyone looking to stand out amongst the crowd.

Geometric Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
Geometric tattoos utilize linework and skill that is unparalleled in the tattoo community. Geometric tattoos rely heavily on balance, perfection, and – you guessed it – geometry. Lines and shapes are defined by their form. Because of this, you need a highly skilled tattoo artist to give you the perfection desired. Geometric tattoos are coveted for their mastery, and our tattoo artists are known for their excellence, so if this is the style you desire we will definitely deliver!

Portrait Tattoo In Cooper City Florida
A hyper-realistic style of tattooing, Portrait Tattoos involve depth perception and exact recreation. They’re coveted in tattooing for the amount of skill they take to do correctly. Our tattoo artists are experts in this field, and want to take your photo or portrait to the next level. Capture a moment forever on the skin, with our portrait tattoo artists!

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